What to Expect

At Sunstone Counseling, we recognize that deciding to seek counseling is a big step. In order to lessen any concerns you might have, we want you to know what to expect as your counseling begins and progresses:

  • Prior to your first session, you will complete an online
    comprehensive intake form.
  • At your first session, your counselor will review your intake form and
    talk with you about your situation.
  • Together, you and your counselor will create your
    individualized counseling goals.
  • Your counselor will customize their clinical practice to meet
    your specific needs.
  • You and your therapist will regularly review your progress to assure the effectiveness of your counseling process.
  • Treatment is always collaborative and your choices are respected.
  • Counseling may be provided in individual, couples, family,
    or group session format.


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