Couples Counseling

Many couples are looking for ways to develop stronger, more vibrant relationships, and often find themselves dealing with a wide variety of challenges.  The counselors at Sunstone Counseling have extensive experience in helping couples improve the quality of their relationships. We accomplish this by following time-tested and proven techniques, and applying them to each couples’ unique situation. We believe the role of the counselor is to create a safe, compassionate and trusting environment for a couple, and to facilitate conversations that are often too difficult to have at home, or that continue to produce the same disappointing outcomes.  We will listen to you to understand what you want to get out of counseling, and then together we’ll work on achieving your personal and relationship goals. You can learn more about some of the techniques we use to help couples at

We also provide services for couples planning to get married. Learn more about premarital workshops conducted by George Coyne and Amy Stephens by contacting Amy at

If you’re interested in scheduling a couples session, please contact us at


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