7 Reasons to See a Sunstone Graduate Intern

By: Crystal Davis, Graduate Social Work Intern

At Sunstone Counseling, one of our core tenets is to always give back to the counseling profession. One way we do this is by providing a graduate counseling and social work practicum/internship program. Sunstone Counseling is one of the few private practices in Northern Virginia that offers graduate counseling/social work practicum and internships. Through the graduate practicum/internship program, graduate students receive weekly one-on-one clinical supervision, education, and guidance from licensed clinicians at Sunstone, in addition to supervision through their university program. The work of the graduate counselor is continuously reviewed on a weekly and as-needed basis. The clinical supervisor provides an unbiased third-party perspective in treatment, reducing the possible risks of oversight. In working with graduate counselors, the client’s confidentiality is always protected. The information shared in supervision is protected by the confidentiality contract and will not be shared amongst individuals outside of the supervision relationship.

“Individuals who work with our graduate interns have the unique opportunity to receive the benefits of the graduate intern receiving onsite supervision and university supervision.” — Amy Clay, Co-Owner, Sunstone Counseling

With this program, Sunstone Counseling is not only able to give back to the profession, but also able to give back to the surrounding communities. By offering the graduate counselling/social work program, Sunstone Counseling is able to alleviate some of the barriers that individuals in the surrounding communities may face when seeking services. These barriers include but are not limited to: lack of insurance, lack of flexibility, financial limitations, and the lack of convenience. The graduate counselors and interns are able to offer services at reduced rates, flexible hours, and in multiple locations.

Top 7 Reasons to See a Graduate Intern at Sunstone Counseling

  1. Affordability: The rates of graduate interns are significantly lower than licensed professionals, allowing many clients to receive mental health counseling that they may not otherwise be able to access.   
  2. Flexibility: Most graduate interns offer evening and weekend hours, allowing clients to see a therapist when it’s convenient for their schedule.  
  3. Convenience: Graduate interns are available and eager for new clients, providing quick access to appointments.
  4. Up-to-date: Graduate interns are update-to-date with new and current treatment interventions and recent research, bringing fresh, current perspectives to the counseling relationship.
  5. Supervision: Graduate interns participate in weekly supervision, integrating a supportive treatment team approach to each client relationship.
  6. Dedication: Graduate interns are excited to assist clients and will be committed to the counseling process.
  7. Professionalism: Sunstone Counseling accepts graduate interns who possess professional standards and go above and beyond.

“I fear people face many challenges when assessing services which leads to one or two things —  being persistent or ultimately giving up. Most take the latter.” — Amy Clay, Co-Owner, Sunstone Counseling

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with a Graduate Intern, call (703) 534-5100) or email (appointment@sunstonecounselors.com) us today!