Are you struggling to support your child or partner with Autism?

Do you have or suspect you may have Autism and are looking for support?

Are you looking for a sense of community within a group of people with similar lived experiences?

Sunstone Counseling provides a compassionate and supportive space for those with Autism and their loved ones.

Supportive and Empathetic Care

The CDC’s 2020 Community Report on Autism highlighted the ADDM Network’s most recent findings on Autism Spectrum Disorder, showing that the estimated percentage of children identified with ASD was higher than in previous reports. In 8-year-old children, 1 in 54 were identified with ASD in 2016, based on tracking within 11 communities in the United States.

Families and individuals impacted by Autism may feel isolated or misunderstood, but you are not alone. At Sunstone we can connect you to a counselor specifically trained to work with individuals with Autism, with emphasis on:

  • Behavioral concerns
  • Sensory needs
  • Emotional regulation
  • Educational needs
  • Bulling or isolation
  • Social skills
  • Intellectual disability accompanying Autism
  • Parents of youth on the Autism Spectrum
  • Partners of individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Meet our Counselors Supporting Autism/Neurodivergence