Life is complicated. Getting help shouldn’t be.

Sunstone Counseling has been helping clients create a brighter tomorrow with high-quality and compassionate mental health therapy supporting all ages and stages of life.

With a range of experienced counselors and price points, Sunstone aims to make mental health counseling accessible. We believe everyone deserves to shine brighter and be their best selves.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and expedite getting you matched with the right counselor. You may even schedule a free 15-minute consultation to see whether your counselor is right for you.

Tell us briefly about your counseling needs, and a team member will contact you to schedule a free consultation.

If we’re currently helping someone, leave us a brief voicemail. Rest assured, a team member will call you back!

Meet the Client Care Team

Indyah Dixon
Director of Client Care

I am passionate about mental health and whole-heartedly endorse the Sunstone Counseling team’s compassionate and competent services. I have clinical experience working with clients with eating disorders and understand the importance of feeling comfortable communicating with your counselor.

Courtney Jones
Client Care Coordinator

I strive to make every potential client feel comfortable and heard in my efforts to connect them with a counselor who can best fit their needs. Healing is an ever-changing journey and oftentimes one that cannot be traveled alone. I’m eager to help guide you on your path to wellness.