Whether you are new to bread making or consider yourself a pro…

Join Dr. Maya Georgieva and Therapist Tala Halik for a Parent-Child Bread Therapy Workshop, a unique and culturally sensitive approach to healing the relationship between parents and their children..

This event is not counseling or psychotherapy; it is a wellness workshop. You are invited to experience the process of bread making in a new light, including mixing the ingredients in a mindful and intentional way, engaging in self-exploration and sharing the joy of making bread together. Everyone will leave the workshop with their dough they can bake at home.

Research shows that 1:1 quality time between children and caregivers increases the satisfaction of the relationship and the child’s individual self confidence. Bread, specifically, is a topic of research in the psychology field showing how laboring with one’s hands creates a need for presence, focus, and attunement, all skills which are often overlooked in our modern world. By pairing the parent caregiver quality time with breadmaking, we hope to create an experience that will allow you and your child to feel more connected to one another.

Upcoming Workshop:

6 pm on Friday, April 5. Age group: 4-7 years old

6 pm on Friday, April 19. Age group: 7-11 years old.


McLean Office: 1485 Chain Bridge Rd STE 300, McLean, VA 22101

Registration Fee:

$90 per Parent/Child


Contact Maya, workshop facilitator, for inquiries about the workshop.

What to Expect:

The workshop includes the following steps: welcoming introductions; intentional mixing of the ingredients; mindful kneading; baking and conversation; enjoying the aroma while the baked goods are resting; tasting and savoring.

Who Should Attend:

Parent and their Children (4-11)

Bread Therapy is not counseling or psychotherapy; it is a wellness event, which does not include standardized assessment of mental health.

Meet the Facilitators

Dr. Maya Georgieva

Dr. Maya Georgieva is a Trained Practitioner and official Crumbassador of the Bread Therapy Network. She uses the method developed by Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, PhD – founder of the Bread Houses Network.

Dr. Georgieva is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Humanistic Sandtray Therapist, a Doctor of Education in Counselor Education and Supervision, a National Certified Counselor, and an Approved Clinical Supervisor. She has worked at Sunstone Counseling since 2015, where she specializes in anxiety treatment for pre-teens, teens, and adults. She is also a full-time professor for an online CACREP-accredited graduate counseling program.

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Tala Halik is a Resident in Counseling with Sunstone Counseling who works with ages 3 and up.

Tala utilizes a client-centered integrative approach when working with children using both directive and non-directive strategies. This approach is effective in helping children regain power in their lives, reducing the power struggle they present to others. I tailor my approach based on the child, their temperament, and their specific needs. My goal is to help children trust others, and most importantly trust themselves.

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Learn More About Bread Therapy

The Bread Therapy Method was created by Nadezhda Savova-Grigorova, PhD, Doctor of Cultural Anthropology, in community baking with people with various disabilities. It later evolved as a proven art therapy method in her work with social workers and other mental health professionals around the world.

Watch founder Dr. Savova-Grigorova’s TED Talk on the impact of community bread making. She begins with, “How many of you have had a heartwarming, positive experience with the aroma of hot bread?”

From breadtherapy.net: How to Spread Kindness and Create Human Connection Through Bread