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How to Address Challenges New Parents May Face

BY: Julia Ward, Resident in Counseling It’s no secret that the transition to parenthood is a challenging one with all the physical, psychological, and relational changes that occur in a relatively short period of time. With sleep deprivation, it’s no wonder that many parents experience a shortness in temper or/and a lack of patience. If… Read more »

Cyberbullying: Four Ways to Intervene

By: Katie Clark, LPC and Jennifer Munroe, LPC When social media first took center stage back in the mid-2000s, it was largely intended as an avenue to help connect people near and far. In its most positive light, social media is a way for people to metaphorically cross paths and exist in each other’s lives,… Read more »

Attachment: Exploring 5 Ways to Connect with Your Child Through Love

BY: Jennifer Munroe, LPC In childbearing, attachment is a largely discussed topic. Attachment is defined as a bond that exists between a child and a parent with a purpose of establishing a safe, secure, and protective environment for the child (Beniot, 2004). Most can agree it is vital within the parent-child relationship. It is well… Read more »

Moms of Teen Girls Support Group Launching February/March

Cost: $300/month When: Wednesdays 12:00-1:15pm Location: Sunstone Counseling – McLean (1485 Chain Bridge Road, Suite 300, McLean VA 22101) Our culture is all about support and connection for moms during the baby years… but what about moms of teenagers? It’s often difficult to know where to find help and a community when it comes to parenting… Read more »