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The Initial Counseling Session [video]

By: Maya Georgieva, Ed.D., LPC Many people who have never experienced counseling before wonder what the first session may look like. You may be wondering what to expect. Even if you’ve been to counseling before, you may not be sure what your new counselor is going to ask you during the first counseling session and… Read more »

3 R’s in Counseling: Radical Acceptance, Resonance, Resource Building

BY: MJ Harford, MA, NCC Counseling is all about exploring. Together, clients and counselors join to investigate what might be getting in the way of a healthier, more meaningful, and joyful life, develop a plan, and gather resources to heal. This process of investigating often starts over and over throughout the counseling process. It can… Read more »

The Power of Vulnerability

By: Colleen McCarron, LPC You’ve seen her TED Talks, her spots on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and most recently, her Netflix special. (If you haven’t, you can click on each to check them out!) Who is Brené Brown, and why is her work on vulnerability, shame, and connection so important? Brown started as a researcher… Read more »

A Guide to National Screen Free Week

This week is National Screen Free Week! It’s an invitation to put down your phone or tablet, turn off the computer and TV, and enjoy life beyond the screen. Off-screen time encourages connection with others and creativity. It can be an intentional time to connect with your kids, your family, and your community. Taking a… Read more »

New Summer Group: Living in Eating Disorder Recovery

An 8-Week Group For Women Navigating Recovery Recovery from an eating disorder does not stop at symptom management. Self- image, flexibility with food, and balancing relationships are ongoing mysteries after treatment. This is a closed group for women ages 22 and older who are stable in managing their eating disorder symptoms, but continue to struggle… Read more »

How to Plant Seeds of Growth

BY: Natalie Jensen, MSW It is spring! Rain and mud help with tilling soil, uncovering nutrients and replanting roots. The sun is shining a bit brighter. The air is crisp; breezes (and pollen☺) whirl around us. Birds, squirrels, bugs, and worms are beginning to be more visible. What a season of change! The visual of… Read more »

It’s not just about weight: Atypical Anorexia

By: Colleen McCarron, LPC Each year, the National Eating Disorder Association creates a theme for their awareness week. This year, the theme is “Come as you are,” encouraging men and women of all shapes and sizes and stages of recovery to share their stories – a demonstration that eating disorders, like other mental health disorders,… Read more »

Three Self-Care Tips if You’re Experiencing Divorce

BY: Julia Ward, Graduate Counseling Intern Going through a divorce is often an overwhelming, scary, and lonely experience. The process of divorce is different for everyone – from circumstances that contributed to the marriage starting to dissolve, to whether you are the leaver, the one who was left, or if divorce was a mutually agreed… Read more »

Now Accepting Graduate Intern Applications for Summer and Fall of 2019!

*Now Accepting Applications for Graduate Internships for the Summer and Fall of 2019! Sunstone Counseling is proud to offer an internship program for graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in counseling or social work. Our internship program is part of our commitment both to the professional field of counseling and to our community. Interns offer… Read more »

A New Year Planning Guide For You

We’re one week into January and the new year, and talk of goals, resolutions, and change haven’t slowed yet. The new year can be a great time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. It can be an intentional time for thoughtful examination of accomplishments and challenges in the year before. It… Read more »

Women’s Winter Support Group

Expected or unexpected, positive or negative shifts in life can create anxiety, depression, discomfort, fear, shame, grief, or even panic. This group is designed specifically for adult females of all ages who are in the midst of a life transition, change, or adjustment. Each 8 – 12 week session uses a different book to help frame discussions…. Read more »

New Year, New (The)me

By: Colleen McCarron, LPC Do you feel the pressure to create goals and resolutions on New Year’s Eve? It’s natural this time of year to reflect on the past calendar year, take inventory of what we would like to change, and make bold declarations of what to improve upon. It can be an inspiring time… Read more »