Does your child need extra support socially amongst peers, teachers, and new environments?

In this immersive, 6-week experience, young children (ages 4-6 years old) will learn and practice new skills for managing social situations and relationships.

Utilizing play and activities, they will find confidence in social situations – with a focus on:

  • meeting new people,
  • expressing feelings,
  • managing conflict and problem solving,
  • emotional regulation,
  • and other social skills.

The facilitator will use a mix of psychoeducation and play to create an inviting and engaging curriculum for young children to practice social skills.


Sept 13-Oct 18, 2022

The group meets Tuesdays from 4-5:00pm in Sunstone’s McLean office (map it).

Registration and Inquiries

To sign up or learn more, contact group co-lead Tala Halik (

Participant Age

4-6 years old


The cost per registrant is $300, due in advance of the first session. An initial $75 intake session is required if the participant is not an active client.

Meet the Facilitators

Tala Halik, Graduate Intern
I utilize a Client Centered integrative approach when working with children using both directive and non-directive strategies. This approach is effective in helping children regain power in their lives, reducing the power struggle they present to others. I tailor my approach based on the child, their temperament, and their specific needs. My goal is to help children trust others, and most importantly trust themselves.
Gabrielle Lipson
Gabrielle Lipson, M.S.Ed, M.Phil. Ed, Resident in Counseling
I use a strength-based approach in counseling, which helps clients discover what makes them special, and channel that toward learning healthy communication and coping skills. As a former preschool teacher and yoga instructor, I place a heavy emphasis on play and mindfulness in my work, leveraging both to help clients learn, work through trauma, and uncover their true feelings. I also encourage my clients to use the mind-body connection to support themselves. Overall, creating an empathetic, trusting space where my clients can express themselves fully is fundamental to my work