Does your child need extra support socially amongst peers, teachers, and new environments?

In this immersive, 5-week experience, young children (ages 4-5 years old) will learn and practice new skills for managing social situations and relationships.

Utilizing play and activities, they will find confidence in social situations – with a focus on:

  • meeting new people,
  • expressing feelings,
  • managing conflict and problem solving,
  • emotional regulation,
  • and other social skills.

The facilitator will use a mix of psychoeducation and play to create an inviting and engaging curriculum for young children to practice social skills.


July 26-Aug 23, 2022

The group meets Tuesdays from 3-4:00pm in Sunstone’s McLean office (map it).

Registration and Inquiries

To sign up or learn more, contact group facilitator Tala Halik (

Participant Age

4-5 years old


The cost per registrant is $250. An initial $75 intake session is required if the participant is not an active client.

Meet the Facilitator

Tala Halik, Graduate Intern
I utilize a Client Centered integrative approach when working with children using both directive and non-directive strategies. This approach is effective in helping children regain power in their lives, reducing the power struggle they present to others. I tailor my approach based on the child, their temperament, and their specific needs. My goal is to help children trust others, and most importantly trust themselves.