Finding Common Ground: An Anxiety Processing Group for Teens

If you’re a parent of a Northern Virginia teenager, you are probably familiar with anxiety. Anxiety is such a prevalent, relevant issue in our community, which is why we’re excited to launch with summer group.

Finding Common Ground is a processing group for teens with anxiety. This group offers a safe environment where we process common anxiety-related themes that teens in high school face every day. Through community and mindfulness, this group is designed reduce anxiety symptoms, increase peer interactions, and normalize anxiety.

Cost: 4-week group* – $50 per session
When: Wednesdays, 3-5 pm | Beginning July 10th
Location: Falls Church Office | 124D E. Broad St.
Contact: Vanessa Steffens, Graduate Counseling Intern,

To learn more about the group or sign up, please contact Vanessa Steffens at

*members commit to the 4-week group process