Have you tried Sandtray Therapy?

By: Maya Georgieva, Ed.D. LPC

Humanistic sandtray therapy (HST) is a type of play therapy that is mostly used with adults. It is a wonderful alternative to talk therapy when words are not enough to describe complicated situations. By selecting miniatures and arranging them in sand, you can tell your story in a mindful, yet playful way.

You may enjoy an HST session if:

  • You are curious;
  • You have experienced trauma;
  • You have a complicated relationship;
  • You are grieving;
  • You have never been to counseling before.

I experienced the power of this method during my training. The instructor paired me up with another counselor in my class. We took turns to serve as each other’s client so that we could practice. I was really surprised to see how the miniatures I seemed to mindlessly pick out from the shelf told an accurate and truthful story. I could not believe it. Without realizing, I had communicated recollections, worries, and dreams in a visual, nonverbal way. These sessions always had an uplifting effect on me. I left the training center with a clear mind and an open heart.

As a Certified Humanistic Sandtray Therapist, I introduce my clients to HST in three different ways.

  1. In most cases, I offer a 90-minute sandtray session to someone who has been working with me for at least a few months. Our strong connection allows us to explore the sandtray in some depth.
  2. You may be curious about the miniatures displayed in the cabinet in my office. During our first meeting, I may ask you to pick one or several of them; the ones you feel drawn to the most.
  3. A one-time demo session may be beneficial to people who are not looking for long-term counseling. You may be able to get a lot out of one session.

There is a growing interest toward creative approaches to wellness. I have already presented several workshops on this method.

Are you curious about HST?

To schedule an HST session or get more information, you can email me at maya@sunstonecounselors.com. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about HST. I would love answer your questions!

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