Millions of people in the U.S. are affected by mental health conditions each year, and men are no exception.

Because men seek counseling for mental health conditions, such as depression, less often, they succumb to mental illness at a starkly higher rate than women. While women are two times more likely than men to experience depression, suicide rates are significantly higher for men.

Depression affects both men and women, but studies have shown that the symptoms of depression can be different. For example, depression may manifest as anger, irritability, or aggression in males, while in many women, it’s often expressed as sadness.

Reaching out for help, practicing self-awareness, and mindfully expressing emotions are among the bravest behaviors men can exhibit.

Sunstone’s compassionate team of counselors is available to provide mental health therapy for men – to help them overcome challenges, be more vulnerable, and set an example of healthy masculinity for themselves, their family, and their community.

man struggling with mental health condition; depressed, anxious, seated on chair

Tailored Counseling for Men

male mental health

At Sunstone, we tailor our counseling to meet our client’s needs. If you seek support from a male counselor, we have a team of male therapists who strive to create a space where you can be yourself.

They can often relate to your experiences as a man, and you can trust in their judgement-free approach.

Get support for these areas and more: 

  • Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders
  • Anger issues and emotional regulation
  • Life transitions and adjustment
  • Trauma / PTSD
  • Parenting/Co-parenting
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Relationship conflict
  • Infidelity, divorce, separation
  • Substance misuse
  • Intimacy issues / Sexual dysfunction
  • Career satisfaction
  • Internet/gaming/gambling/porn addictions
  • Gender/Sexual Identity

Meet Our Team of Male Mental Health Counselors

Men, It’s Okay to Ask for Help (With Your Mental Health)

At Sunstone, we have multiple male counselors who understand what it’s like to feel less than capable, and feel the pressure from internal and external voices telling us that, as men, we must do it ourselves. We can help you unclog the “drains” of life, whether it’s figuring out how to manage stress and anxiety/depression, have more successful relationships, make career changes, or anything else that is getting in the way of living the healthy and fulfilled life you deserve.