Do you find yourself avoiding sexual intimacy due to body image concerns?

Are you unable to stay present because of anxiety and negative self-talk?

Many women struggle to reveal their true sexual selves because of insecurities about their body. While it is normal to have insecurities and concerns, it is difficult to enjoy yourself if they are preventing you from experiencing true sexual intimacy and confidence.

The facilitators will use a mix of psychoeducation and processing to create an inviting and engaging group for women. This approach allows members to gain support from others with similar experiences while taking home evidence-based skills.


February 23-April 20, 2023

The group meets virtually on Thursdays from 6-7:00pm.

Registration and Inquiries

To sign up or learn more, contact a group facilitator.

Participant Demographic

Women ages 25-35


TBD; please inquire to join an interest list

Meet the Facilitators

Hannah Moore, Resident in Counseling
Hannah utilizes a Client Centered approach to provide clients with a safe and nonjudgmental space to process and connect with others within the group. She also touches on CBT and DBT to give clients skills to take home and work with outside of the group setting. Hannah has experience working with eating disorders and body image issues in both residential and out-patient settings. Hannah’s goal is for you to touch upon feelings and emotions that many women experience and empower you to feel more confident in yourself.
Madison Tincha, Resident in Counseling
Madison is Level 1 trained in Gottman Couples Method and has completed training in sex therapy on issues such as sexual desire, ethical non-monogamy, and sexual trauma. Additionally, she has experience working in residential treatment for eating disorders. Madison is passionate about helping others have satisfying sex lives through integrative approaches including but not limited to CBT, mindfulness, and psychodynamic techniques.