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Children and Play: Four Reasons to Encourage It

young boy playing with building blocks on floor; play therapy

For children, play is their world. It’s how they express themselves, build relationships, and learn about their environment. Play is a crucial piece to child development. As a parent, your role is to not only take time to connect with your child through play, but also, allow the space and opportunity for your child to play. So, why should you, as a parent, encourage play in a child?

Providing Virtual Play Therapy via Online Counseling Sessions

Access to video sessions continues to offer therapeutic connection through the child-therapist interaction as well as prioritize the unique needs of each child. Counselors working with children remotely are upholding the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and incorporating endless techniques that are supportive to each child’s growth. Learn what to expect from a virtual play therapy session and how best to prepare your child.