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5 Tips on How to Manage Food Fears on Thanksgiving

The holidays are a time for connection and celebration, but if you struggle with an eating disorder, they are also a time of anxiety. Many hurdles can arise throughout the holiday season – such as comments from others on eating and appearance, inconsistent timing of meals, unfamiliar food choices, and stress around loss of routine. If you are feeling a sense of overwhelm and dread over the upcoming holiday, you are not alone.

Tips to Navigate the Holidays While Staying in Eating Disorder Recovery

For many of us, the holiday season seems to center around food. People make food together, gather to eat food, and talk about food. Food, food, food. For those diagnosed with an eating disorder, the holidays are the ultimate test of recovery skills. While it may seem intimidating, it is possible to make it through the holiday season recovery focused! Here are some steps to help get your holiday season started off right.

It’s Not Just About Weight: Atypical Anorexia

Eating disorders are major illnesses with a profound psychiatric and physical effect – whether or not the individual displays the apparent significant weight loss. Unfortunately, even in the medical and psychiatric communities, eating disorders in people at higher weights are commonly misdiagnosed, and not identified as needing treatment, leading to poorer prognosis of the disease. Someone does need not be emaciated to be suffering from an eating disorder. Eating disorders affect women and men of all ages, all ethnicities, and all body sizes.