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Play in Children: Four Reasons Why It’s a Necessary Part of Development

For children, play is their world. It’s how they express themselves; it’s how they build relationships; and it’s how they learn about their environment. Play is a crucial piece to child development. As a parent, your role is to not only take time to join your child in play, but also, to allow the space and opportunity for your child to play. So, how can you, as a parent, encourage play in a child?

Using Video for Play Therapy at Sunstone Counseling

Access to video sessions continues to offer therapeutic connection through the child-therapist interaction as well as prioritizing the unique needs of each child. While this can be a challenging transition to make given the unique needs of every child and the importance of the child-therapist interaction, it can be done successfully and we are so thankful to continue to offer this online service.

The Power of Play

A play therapist uses a unique skill set to connect with children through a child’s symbolic language of self-expression: play. For young children. play is developmentally and fundamentally their language to articulate and process through feelings and difficulties. It allows them to connect and achieve growth in a profound way that classic talk therapy would not be able to provide. Children communicate through play in such an amazing way; it allows and welcomes a self-healing process in which they can engage.