The Power of Vulnerability

girl balancing on log with one foot extended

By its very definition, vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Vulnerability is sharing thoughts and feelings without knowing what reaction we are going to receive. Vulnerability is at the core of all emotions and feelings.

Even when we try to control every aspect of our every day, we will be met with unexpected situations that require us to respond – with no script and no guarantee of perfection.

The Benefits of Vulnerability

Going on a first date, showing up to a job interview, being the first one to reach out to a friend after a big fight — these are all acts of vulnerability. We know that possible outcomes of these include getting rejected, being turned down for the job, and not getting a response. But, we also risk the beginning of a loving relationship, getting the dream job, and forgiveness and reconnection.

Some of the best things that happen in life are a result of being vulnerable.

More Intimacy

Opening up to another human being and sharing your deepest emotions is what ultimately builds healthy and lasting relationships. When we expose our authentic selves, we set ourselves up for potential heartache, yes, but also for ultimate connection.

Better Self-Worth

Being vulnerable also allows us to accept ourselves as we are, flaws and all. This helps us to stop comparing ourselves to others and experience a tremendous boost in our self-esteem and self-worth.

It Begets Compassion

Getting comfortable with our own vulnerability means we can also be comfortable with others’. And this means, in those times when the people in our lives show their vulnerability to us, we can respond with compassion.

Start the Journey

As they say, every journey starts with a single step. Your journey toward embracing your own vulnerabilities will also start with a single step. This may mean spending more quiet time alone. It may mean the next time a good friend asks, “How are you?” you tell them the truth.

It may also mean digging deep and uncovering some old wounds and darkness that you have been ignoring. And for this part of the journey, you may want to consider seeking guidance from a trained counselor who can offer tools and advice.

If you’d like some assistance on your journey, please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and expedite getting you matched with the right counselor today. You may even schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to see whether your counselor is right for you.