How to Plant Seeds of Growth

BY: Natalie Jensen, MSW

It is spring! Rain and mud help with tilling soil, uncovering nutrients and replanting roots. The sun is shining a bit brighter. The air is crisp; breezes (and pollen☺) whirl around us. Birds, squirrels, bugs, and worms are beginning to be more visible. What a season of change! The visual of a flower or fruit tree budding can be a beautiful thing. It is a kaleidoscope out there right now, as we will see transitions from dormant stages to vitality. Often we want to skip over or dismiss the process it took to get to this point. It was dedicated and difficult work to be “planted.” There were times of uncertainty, messiness, and stillness. There was waiting, internal wrestling, and a process to get to blooming.

Much like the seeds and bulbs around us, we may be “in process.” We may have changes on the horizon – both chosen and unwelcome. Change and growth can be unnerving and exhausting. It can also be incredibly rewarding and life changing. Our family, friends, work, and activities have shaped our way of experiencing change. We may not have had the opportunity to process what it all means or how it affects us. We may avoid some persons, places, or things in order to simply maintain the status quo. Change can get a bad rap in that it means you aren’t the same. Physiologically, our cells are in constant states of renewal and change. I’m encouraging another perspective: it’s never too late to embark on the journey of personal growth!

Change in routine, direction in life, or reviewing what you value can be an opportunity. Perhaps you will find a renewed sense of self; perhaps you will examine toxicity in your life and learn about boundaries; perhaps you will embrace and include things once placed on a bucket list into your present day plans. The reality is, growth shapes us, and challenging ourselves to grow in many aspects of life need not be an all or nothing exercise. Small steps become strides over time…and you need not find your way alone! The therapeutic process can provide a space to take some of those first uncertain steps, while offering a supportive and encouraging environment. Yes, it may be a bit muddy; and there may be times the changes happening look or feel like things are being undone. I encourage us all to consider it an opening moment.