• Our counselors facilitate interactive, practical workshops on various topics throughout the year that provide an opportunity for skill building, support, and growth.
  • The structure, delivery, and cost of workshops and retreats vary based on the content, structure, and schedule.
  • Upcoming workshops are included below. Join us!

Bringing Baby Home


Bringing Baby Home is a 12-hour educational workshop which was designed and created by relationship experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, at The Relationship Research Institute in Seattle. The Gottmans’ research demonstrates that when couples become parents, there is a significant decrease in their relationship satisfaction. Further research has shown that relationship discord and conflict have a profound negative effect on the couples’ infants and toddlers.

The goal of this program is to improve the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening the parental relationship.

June 11-12, 2022

Therapeutic Book Club


Have you ever read a self-help/psychology oriented book and had questions left unanswered? Perhaps you had an intense emotional reaction to parts of the book and no one to discuss it with? Maybe the book even inspired you to dig deeper, but you don’t know where to start?

We’ve created a book club to help with all of this uncertainty. Come to as many sessions as peaks your interest. Be prepared for an in-depth, vulnerable, productive discussion around emotional reactions, personal reflections, and a therapist’s perspective on what to further explore.

This group meets virtually on the last Saturday of every month from 10-11:15am.

No Diet, No Problem Workshop


Is your relationship with food complicated? Are you stuck in a cycle of depriving yourself in efforts to change your body? Does dieting consume your thoughts?

Join us for our annual workshop, now made even better…with food! This workshop is B.Y.O.B-Bring Your Own Brunch!

Prepare your favorites and brunch with us as we discuss how to:

  • not allow dieting to run your life
  • unsubscribe from toxic cultural messages around bodies and food
  • learn to eat more mindfully
  • break the “restrict-overeat cycle”
  • leave room for boosted self-esteem and self-worth

April 9, 2022, 10am-12:20pm

Therapeutic Bread Making: A Virtual Wellness Workshop


Join Dr. Maya Georgieva for Therapeutic Bread Making, a unique and culturally sensitive approach to healing individuals, couples, families, groups, and communities.

This event is not counseling or psychotherapy; it is a wellness workshop. You are invited to experience the process of bread making in a new light, including mixing the ingredients in a mindful and intentional way, engaging in self-exploration and sharing the joy of baking together.

Maya gently guides you through this journey of self-reflection, leading you to a place of peace of mind, well-being, and gratitude.

This event has passed. We encourage you to subscribe to learn about upcoming workshops.

More Than Sad: Teen Depression


Suicide prevention and awareness is an issue that is important to us at Sunstone. We’re committed to educating our clients and community and to participating in advocacy campaigns that shed light on this critical issue.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s National Capital Area Chapter to present an in-person version of their program, “More Than Sad: Teen Depression,” on Sunday, December 12 from 4-6 PM ET at our Ashburn office.

Who does it serve?

Parents and caregivers (must be 18 years of age or older to attend this presentation)

What is covered?

This program teaches parents and other caring adults about depression, demystifies treatment, and encourages those who are struggling or have a loved one who is struggling to seek help.


This event has passed. Future events will be posted here.

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