5 Ways You Can Support Sexual Assault Survivors

BY: Meghan McNabb, MSW, Supervisee in Social Work

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and there is no better time to address the silence that is fueled by sexual assault. Sexual Assault thrives on silence; the louder we can show our support for survivors, the more we shed light on an epidemic. We know that one out of six American women has been the victim of some form of sexual violence and that victims experience more distressing symptoms from sexual assault than from any other crime.

It is time that we show our support for victims, and we help to empower them to become survivors. There are many people who have spoken about the survivor movement, starting with Tarana Burke who led the #MeToo movement. You can listen to her speak in a recent podcast with Brene Brown. The survivor movement and the #MeToo movement have worked to end the silence surrounding sexual assault and to show the world that this is not something that affects the few, but something that affects the many.

Here are 5 ways that you can show your support for survivors:

  1. Follow and support your local Domestic and Sexual Violence Resource Center.
  2. Wear Denim on Denim Day, April 29th.
  3. Go to your local Take Back The Night Event (During this time, many #TBTN events have been moved online. Find your local one here https://takebackthenight.org/).
  4. Know your local resources and be an known ally for those around you.
  5. Share your support by following sites like RAINN, The NSVRC and EROC to stay up to date on the latest survivor movements.

If you or someone you love has been assaulted and is in need of counseling, Meghan McNabb, MSW is specialized in counseling for survivors.

An online support group is forming now for Survivors of Sexual Assault. For a free consultation, please email Meghan at Meghan@sunstonecounselors.com.

Links to resource sites: