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How to Navigate Difficult Conversations in 2020 and Beyond

by Amy Clay, LPC and MJ Harford, MA To state the obvious, 2020 has been a stressful year. Between the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, political strife, and social unrest, we’ve all been operating at higher-than-usual levels of stress and anxiety. Add in a historically divisive presidential election and the holidays just around the corner and we’ve… Read more »

Am I Hungry, Stressed, or Bored?

By Callie Dyer, MA, Resident in Counseling at Sunstone Counseling We’ve all heard someone mention their fear of gaining the “COVID-19” and have seen the many memes about snacking more during social distancing. While these messages aren’t helpful for anyone since we have bigger concerns (i.e. a global pandemic) than putting on a few extra… Read more »

3 Important Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise

By: Vanessa Steffens “Exercise gives people endorphins, and endorphins make people happy…”  – Elle Woods Elle Wood said it best: exercise makes people happy. We know exercise has many physical health benefits, but there are also many mental health benefits of exercise. If you needed a few more reasons to get to the gym, take… Read more »

3 Breathing Exercises to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

By: MJ Harford, MA NCC The body is our vessel of life, our tool for engaging with the world around us, and our protector. For many of us, anxiety takes us out of our bodies and locks us in our thoughts about the past or the future. Observing our tendencies and understanding the physiological component… Read more »