Why You Should Consider Starting Your Day with Your Counselor

BY: Meghan McNabb

Busy lifestyles, fast paced jobs, long commutes, and a packed schedule often mean less time to do the things that are best for us, like taking time to process with a counselor. If this sounds familiar, early morning counseling may be for you! 

There are so many benefits to starting your day off with a therapy session. You start your day with a clear headspace and the ability to set a goal or intention to help you stay motivated. A few benefits of psychotherapy include: 

  • improved interpersonal communication 
  • ability to understand and change negative behaviors 
  • understand emotions and regulate self 

These can all be enhanced when you set yourself up for success. Setting a morning routine can also help you stay regulated. A tip for doing this is waking up at the same time and accomplishing a task early on, as this can make the body feel calm and provide a sense of success and purpose for your day. Therapy early in the morning has the potential to improve your overall daily productivity, so what is stopping you from putting yourself first?

There are so many reasons that one might put off counseling, scheduling should not be one of those.