Why You Should Consider Starting Your Day with Your Counselor

By Meghan McNabb

Busy lifestyles, fast-paced jobs, long commutes, and a packed schedule often mean less time to do the things that are best for us, like taking time to process with a counselor. If this sounds familiar, early morning counseling may be for you! 

There are many benefits to starting your day off with a therapy session. You start your day with a clear headspace and the ability to set a goal or intention to help you stay motivated. A few benefits of psychotherapy include: 

  • improved interpersonal communication 
  • ability to understand and change negative behaviors 
  • understand emotions and regulate self 

These can all be enhanced when you set yourself up for success. Setting a morning routine can also help you stay regulated. A tip for doing this is waking up at the same time and accomplishing a task early on, as this can make the body feel calm and provide a sense of success and purpose for your day.

Therapy early in the morning has the potential to improve your overall daily productivity, so consider putting yourself – and your therapy session – first.


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