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Grief, Loss & Life: A Group Process

By: Natalie Jensen, MSW, Supervisee in Social Work The upcoming group, Grief, Loss & Life, will feature weekly sessions, having attendees gather for 90-minutes in the early evening. Sessions are on Thursdays 6:30 – 8:00 pm, beginning March 5th, and run through April 30th (off April 9th). This spring cycle will be limited to a… Read more »

On a Path Toward Different

By: Natalie Jensen, Supervisee in Social Work I once had someone ask, “Will this [grief] ever go away or be done?” My honest answer was simple, “I don’t know that it ever goes away or is done, but it does become different.”   You may have taken some time to consider what it might be like… Read more »

Grief is hard, but THIS is harder.

By: Natalie Jensen, Supervisee in Social Work Grief is work, avoiding grief is even more work.                                                        – David Kessler Sometimes it can feel like there are never enough days, minutes, or hours to… Read more »